Nuts and bolts

How it Works – the nuts and bolts bit!

e-Demption is simple and straightforward, delivering everything from coupon creation & distribution to tracking & reporting, plus it offers complete risk coverage.

Roll over the steps below for a guide to the e-Demption Customer Journey…

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Coupon security features

Security is paramount to a successful e-Coupon campaign, so we have created a security-approved coupon template which can be re-branded for each campaign. Each e-Coupon features:

  • Standard promotional barcode
  • Personalised data including consumer name and unique bar code identifier
  • Printing restrictions
  • Short validity period

Coupon tracking & reporting

Using the bespoke Valassis smartPIN system, every e-Coupon is personalised with a unique identification number and the consumer’s name (and if known, their postcode), allowing us to accurately track your consumers’ engagement and redemption behaviour.

Throughout the campaign we are able to tell you:

  • Who printed their e-Coupon
  • Who redeemed their e-Coupon
  • Print-to-redemption ratio
  • Total number of redemptions & fraudulent users
  • Location e-Coupon was redeemed