Try e-Demption for yourself

Samplo pack

To demonstrate the simplicity of the e-Demption system, we have invented a chocolate bar – Samplo – which offers a 20p Off Next Purchase* to be redeemed via an e-Demption coupon.

To receive your free 20p Off Samplo Coupon*, please complete your details below. You will receive printing instruction via email.



* Samplo is for demonstration purposes only, the coupon may not be redeemed.

We respect your privacy
PIMS-SCA will only hold your data in order to offer this service, and your information will not be passed on to any third parties.

Call us on 020 7255 7900 or email for more information on e-Demption.

Benefits of e-Demption

  • Ease of use: your customers use a conventional web browser to register their e-Demption PIN and print their coupon.
  • Design flexibility: you can customise the look and feel of the e-Demption redemption site to incorporate your logo, colours, supporting graphics – even the URL. And for the printed coupon, you have a totally free hand in the marketing message and graphics that are used alongside the coupon and within the coupon itself.
  • Security: all coupons are personalised to the registered PIN-user’s name and post code, with a unique barcode for every coupon to help with usage-tracking and the policing of fraudulent activity.
  • Peace of mind: as with any coupon printed from an online service, it’s possible to print more than one copy, or to simply photocopy an original coupon. All e-Demption coupons can be insured with PIMS-SCA so that you have total peace of mind that, in the unlikely event of fraudulent redemption, you are covered.